Options for Credit

Options for Credit

To receive credit toward the NAPSA Training Certificate, an application must first be received by NAPSA. The NAPSA Certificate program offers several options for credit towards achieving the NAPSA Training Certificate. These are as follows:

Option One

By arrangement with NAPSA, entire programs, or large groups may arrange to complete all of the required NAPSA Modules either through: e-learning, in-person training of NAPSA Modules, and/or ‘Test-Out’. To utilize this option, the trainees’ program or organization agrees to track and maintain documentation of all training completions for their group and to provide this documentation when all trainees have completed all of the required trainings to achieve the NAPSA Training Certificate. It is recommended that the program or organization contact NAPSA regarding this option, as it requires documentation for each person the program is seeking a certificate for.

Pricing – Groups of 100 applicants or more may be eligible for discounts. Please contact us for more information on group discounts. Otherwise fees per person are: $100.00 ($50.00 due at application and $50.00 to issue certificate)

Option Two

Individuals whose programs do not offer group training arrangements may apply as individuals to the NAPSA Certificate program. Individuals must apply and pay the application fee. In an effort to keep costs as low as possible for participants, Certificate program participants are asked to track and maintain documentation of their module completions until they have completed all requirements for the Certificate, and then submit to documentation of these completions to NAPSA.

Once received, these completions will be evaluated, and any missing documentation will be requested. If all required documentation is received, applicants will be notified by email of their successful completion, and the completion Certificate will be sent to them. Certificate fees must have been received for a Certificate to be issued.  Pricing – $100.00 ($50.00 due at application and $50.00 to issue certificate)

Certificate Applicants are responsible for keeping copies of the documentation of their completions in case they should be needed later. Credit can be given for NAPSA Module Trainings taken within two years of the date of the Application for the NAPSA Certificate Program.