Certificate Program Mission Statement

The NAPSA Certificate Program is committed to strengthening Adult Protective Services programs by providing high-quality training materials in order to develop well-trained professionals who will improve the safety and independence of older and/or vulnerable adults, and persons with disabilities who are victims of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or exploitation. This program is designed exclusively for working Adult Protective Services staff and requires employment by a state or county Adult Protective Services Program for either two years full-time or four years part-time at the time of completion to qualify.  

The NAPSA Certificate Program includes a curriculum developed by the NAPSA Education Certificate Committees and cooperation with APS Workforce Innovations (formerly Project MASTER) at San Diego State University’s Academy for Professional Excellence.  The content on which the certificate is based is used by Adult Protective Services (APS) programs in states and jurisdictions across the country. The Core APS Curriculum offers 23 core competencies identified by NAPSA and its professional members as basics important to (or necessary for) the practice of Adult Protective Services. The trainings offer valuable insights into all areas of APS practice, and are valuable learning experiences for APS and related professionals taken separately, or taken as a whole toward completion of the NAPSA Certificate.

Requirements for Candidacy

  • Be employed in a program that provides protective services to older and/or vulnerable adults, and persons with disabilities who are victims of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, and/or exploitation (the applicant is hereafter referred to as an APS Professional).
  • Demonstrate, either by achieving equivalency through formal training, or by passing an equivalency exam, that they have an understanding of the job they are expected to perform as APS Professionals. This includes knowing who their clients are, under what circumstances they are expected to intervene, and what interventions they are expected to provide.

Requirement for Completion of NAPSA Certificate

  • Complete the 22 required NAPSA Training Modules (23 modules are required for California applicants).
  • The Applicant must be an employee in an Adult Protective Services Program for a period of two years.
  • An application for the NAPSA Certificate Program must be completed and submitted and any fees due with the application paid. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the program.
  • The Certificate Program participant must complete all required NAPSA Training Modules.
  • The Certificate Program participant, on completion of all required NAPSA Training Modules, must notify the NAPSA Certificate Program Coordinator when they have completed all modules and pay the final Certificate fee. A Certificate will be sent to the applicant when all completions have been verified and fees have been paid.
  • APS Professionals that have applied to the NAPSA Certificate Program and who have been employed for at least five years and who have completed prior training on the topics of the NAPSA modules may elect to ‘test-out’ of one or more modules. To pursue this option, documentation must be received from the applicant’s supervisor or manager stating that the applicant has been working as an APS Professional full time for at least five years and document the types (names and descriptions) of trainings they have completed. Please send documentation to: certificate@napsa-now.org. When documentation has been received, links to the ‘test-out’ questions will be sent to the applicant.

Credit for NAPSA Modules Taken Previously

Trainings in these modules taken up to two years prior to the application date can receive credit with required documentation. To receive credit for previous trainings taken up to two years prior to application for the NAPSA Certificate Program, an applicant must provide documentation (i.e. a completion Certificate or a transcript showing that they have completed the training and when it was completed). If no such documentation is available, then applicants can complete the Application for Credit for NAPSA Module Taken Previously form for each training for which credit is sought.

Certificate Program Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about the NAPSA Certificate program please contact us.