About the National APS Resource Center (NAPSRC)

The NAPSRC was a grant (No. 90ER0003) provided by the Administration for Community Living that NAPSA administered from 2011-2015. You may view resources developed by the NAPSRC on the subsequent pages.


The NAPSRC’s primary goal was to enhance the quality, consistency, and effectiveness of elder abuse secondary prevention conducted by APS nationwide by identifying APS secondary prevention best practices, and compiling and disseminating the “lessons learned,” and providing targeted technical assistance in implementing best prevention practices to APS administrators through multiple methods.


  • Create the first national APS multi-disciplinary Technical Assistance Team to enhance the effectiveness of APS programs in investigating alleged abuse and providing secondary prevention.
  • Gather information about elder abuse investigation and secondary prevention best policies and practices through literature review and collecting “lessons learned.”
  • Provide targeted technical assistance on problems identified as commonly experienced by APS systems in investigating alleged maltreatment and providing secondary prevention.


Beginning in late 2016 a new technical assistance program will be administered by WRMA, Inc., the contracted agency responsible for the forthcoming National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System, with NAPSA as subcontractor. To find out more about this program when it becomes available, please join our mailing list.