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NAPSA is dedicated to promoting the safety, independence and quality-of-life for the most vulnerable adults in our society: the frail, the elderly, and persons with physical and/or intellectual disabilities who are abused, neglected and exploited.

To achieve this goal, NAPSA works to achieve the following goals:

  • Be the national voice for these largely invisible victims of crime and abuse
  • Improve public awareness about how widespread, very serious and very expensive vulnerable adult and elder abuse are
  • Advocate for national support for protective services for these victims, and build the capacity of APS throughout the country to more effectively serve them
  • Encourage and support research into effective prevention and intervention strategies for elder abuse and vulnerable adult abuse and APS
  • Expand legal protections and remedies to victims of abuse
  • Form partnerships with other national organizations to address adult abuse

NAPSA’s policy work is carried out with the assistance and dedication of Bill Benson, NAPSA’s National Policy Director, and its Public Policy Committee which sets the direction of all the organization’s advocacy work.