Joanne Otto  otto

Joanne was a founding board member of NAPSA and served as its first Executive Director from 2000 – 2006 after retiring as the APS Administrator in Colorado. She has contributed immensely to the APS field and to NAPSA.

In your years with NAPSA, what’s the greatest benefit you have derived as a member?
In my 26 years with NAPSA the greatest benefit I have derived as a member has been my contacts with APS practitioners all over the country. Knowing them reduced my sense of isolation. Their wisdom, support and humor shaped my practice and ignited my passion for the work. They taught me everything that I know about APS.

Please share a memorable NAPSA moment or tell us something you learned through NAPSA and want to share with others.
A memorable NAPSA moment occurred during the negotiations for the formation of the National Center on Elder Abuse in 1999. Up to that point, NAPSA had been condescended to as a childish “poor relation” who lacked the capacity to be part of a national center. After our NAPSA delegation stomped out of the negotiations twice we were finally allowed to play with the grownups as a full NCEA partner.

When not working to prevent elder and/or vulnerable adult abuse, what do you do to take care of yourself?
When not working to prevent elder/vulnerable abuse I audit classes at the University of Colorado, travel, garden, cook, read and keep up with friends and family.

One thing you want members to know about you.
The one thing I would like members to know about me is that APS values have shaped my adult life in so many ways. Having a sense of purpose is a life fulfilling gift.

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