Research to Practice (R2P) Brief – Taking the Guesswork Out of Findings | November 26, 2012

Assessment, Research, Trainer Education

Presenters Lori Delagrammatikas, Mary Twomey, Krista Brown, Kris K. Brown, and Mary Counihan discuss how researchers and APS practitioners worked together to develop a protocol to improve the consistency of APS investigation findings in California. Taking the Guesswork Out of … Continue reading

National APS Training Library #6 – NAPSA’s Core Competencies for APS Caseworkers | September 7, 2012

Assessment, Capacity, Disability, Diversity, Domestic Violence, Ethics, Investigation, Trainer Education

National Adult Protective Services Association (2005) –¬†Outline of NAPSA’s 20 Core Competencies training modules (revised in¬†9/06). #6 – NAPSA Core Competencies