About NAPSA: Success

Every day APS workers strive to improve the quality of life for victims of mistreatment.  Sometimes they are able to do it on a grand scale, such as, rescuing victims from horrible abuse, returning their life-savings, or saving their lives by getting them emergency medical care; other times APS helps in a more subtle way, such as, facilitating in-home help for victims, arranging transportation to medical appointments, securing home delivered meals, etc.

For many reasons victims of mistreatment may be reluctant to accept help.  APS workers honor each individual’s right to decide what help, if any, he/she is willing to accept; and because change can be difficult and frightening, APS workers focus on incremental changes aimed at reducing harm and improving the quality of life for each APS recipient.

Do you have a story about how APS made a difference in the life of a vulnerable adult? Please tell us about it!

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