Research to Practice Interest Group

The mission of the NAPSA Research to Practice Interest Group is to provide guidance, expertise, and feedback regarding data collection, data analysis, and other research activities with the goal of creating a strong link between research and practice. Group members bring a range of backgrounds to the debates and discussion, including direct Adult Protective Services (APS) practice experience, current and retired APS administrators, and researchers from agencies and academia. Group members believe that practice knowledge improves research projects, and that research outcomes can improve practice. Examining professional practice, such as risk assessment tools and client outcomes, can be difficult for the researcher and uncomfortable for the staff, with concerns for client privacy and negative results. These concerns are balanced against the need for increased knowledge and improved protection of vulnerable adults. The Group creates and hosts quarterly Research to Practice (R2P) Webinars and periodic R2P Briefs. New members are welcome!

Research to Practice Resources

R2P Listserv

The goal of the listserv is to provide a forum for professionals and students working in the area of elder and vulnerable adult abuse to post questions and responses that explore research and development. It serves as a research network for researchers and practitioners to identify gaps in research and assist in promoting additional research.

R2P Briefs

R2P briefs integrate findings from cutting-edge research into everyday APS practices. The R2P series includes webinars and publications to assist APS workers and administrators nationwide.

R2P Journal Club

Keep up with important research in the field by joining the Journal Club. Journal articles are identified by committee members who lead a discussion about the article, sometimes with the article author on the call. Reading the journal article is suggested, but not required. Notice of meetings are sent to R2P listserv members.