NAPSA Committees

NAPSA has seven committees focused on specific areas of development for members and operations. If you’re interested in participating on one of the committees, or have a question for one of the committee chairpersons, please click here.

The committees serve the following roles:

Fundraising Committee

Current Chairperson – Jennifer Spoeri (PA)
The Fundraising Committee is a creative think tank for NAPSA fundraising.  Committee members develop and maintain relationships with sponsors of the annual NAPSA Conferences & Financial Exploitation Summits.  Additionally, members brainstorm new areas for potential funding and bring ideas to discuss to monthly teleconferences. To join, please contact us.

Communications Committee

Current Chairperson – Sharee Rines (GA)
The Communications Committee focuses on developing strategic initiatives to effectively expand NAPSA’s reach across diverse demographic, cultural and geographic populations. The committee aims to attract individuals with multidisciplinary perspectives to facilitate development of strategic message paradigms and strategies which bolster NAPSA’s identity, brand and ability to attract funding for public awareness campaigns highlighting abuse / neglect / exploitation. The Committee members will also work to develop contacts with journalists and other communications professionals to better enable outreach and education efforts. To join, please contact Committee Chairperson.

Public Policy Committee

Current Chairperson – Joe Snyder (PA)
The Public Policy Committee focuses on advocating for public policy changes on a national level.  This includes issues related to elder abuse, abuse of adults with disabilities, Adult Protective Services and allied professions. NAPSA members can participate in the Public Policy Committee by contacting the Committee Chairperson via our contact form.

Education Committee

Current Chairperson – Paul Needham (OK)
The Education Committee focuses on developing educational content for APS workers.  This includes developing content on skills such as identifying symptoms of abuse, neglect or exploitation; how to best work with allied professionals such as law enforcement and hospitals; and when to involve other professionals to determine an individual’s cognitive capacity.  To join the Education Committee contact us via our contact form.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee focuses on planning, organizing and facilitating the NAPSA annual conference. Five unique subcommittees (i.e. awards; entertainment; presentations; publicity; scholarships and sponsors) specialize on developing specific areas for the conference.  To join or assist in one of the specific areas of the conference, contact us via our contact form.

Membership Committee

Current Chairperson – Marta Fontaine
The Membership Committee focuses on ways to expand NAPSA membership nationally and identifying unaddressed needs of current members, including member research and polling.  To join, contact Marta Fontaine via our contact form.

NAPSA Research to Practice Interest Group

Current Co-Chairpersons – Carol Dayton, NAPSA & Pi-Ju (Marian) Liu, NCPEA
The Research to Practice Interest Group focuses on bringing researchers and practitioners together to expand the application of data analysis and evidence-based practice in improving the response to elder abuse.  Contact either of the co-chairs via our contact form.