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Dear Potential Partner:

Elder financial exploitation is far more prevalent, more lethal and more expensive than is commonly known:

  • Elder abuse victims have a mortality rate three times higher than non-abused sen- iors and they are four times more likely to go into a nursing home.
  • A million people now turn 60 every month and soon older persons will outnumber the young.
  • Changes in the aging brain may make older persons more susceptible to fraud.
  • At a minimum, seniors lose $2.9 billion dollars to fraud annually.
  • Adult Protective Services (APS) Programs work directly with victims to pro-tect them and with various stakeholders to prosecute offenders and to educate seniors to prevent elder financial abuse.

Numerous government agencies, industry programs, consumer protection organizations, and financial institutions address elder financial exploitation in their own spheres of influence, but all of the stakeholders need to learn from each other to effectively tackle these issues. For this reason, NAPSA convened a National Advisory Board on Elder  Financial Exploitation to increase awareness and visibility and work toward new strategies to ameliorate this increasing problem.

NAPSA’s Financial Exploitation Summit Advisory Board will sponsor the 4th National Summit to address the growing crisis of elder financial abuse. The Summit will:

  • Examine the issue in its many and varied manifestations.
  • Bring together the financial services industry, police and prosecutors, consumer advocates, federal and state regulators, researchers and adult pro- tective services to learn what role each plays in addressing elder financial exploitation.
  • Strategize on how BEST to coordinate information, strategies and tactics to strengthen the prevention, identifica- tion and prosecution of elder financial abuse through presentations of innova- tive and successful best practices.

The Summit is an opportunity to meet other important stakeholders and to learn the complex ways in which elder financial exploitation occurs and the many organiza- tions and programs which are addressing it in creative and effective new ways.

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