APS Programs or other organizations seeking an in-person training rather than the e-learning or “test-out” option for experienced APS workers, may want to consider contacting one of the trainers listed below. Anyone is welcome to utilize the training materials developed online and available through the MASTER web site for the San Diego State University Academy for Professional Excellence.

Contact us for a list of trainers in the event that a program does not have a trainer and may want to consider contracting with a trainer to come to their location and deliver one or more of the NAPSA Trainings.

Please note- the trainers listed in the Trainer’s Registry are offered for the benefit of APS programs or other organizations that would prefer to host an in-person training rather than having their staff complete an e-learning. The trainers listed have been assessed and vetted as having the appropriate skills to provide training for APS and other professionals. Interested parties are encouraged to contact individual trainers listed. NAPSA does not receive any funds from these trainers, and any contracts or other agreements made with any trainers are between the trainers themselves and the contractor. NAPSA does not assume any responsibility for the trainer or the delivery of service.

For programs seeking trainers: NAPSA has listed the trainings listed by the trainers on their applications to join the NAPSA Registry. Programs may want to ask trainers to train modules they have experience in training initially to see how comfortable they are with the trainer.

For trainers on the registry: As a suggestion, if a program you have not worked with before is seeking a trainer to train a module that you do not have experience with, you may want to consider offering to train the new module once as a volunteer to establish yourself and to demonstrate your abilities with that module. As additional modules are added to you repertoire, notify the NAPSA Training Coordinator and they can be added to your list of modules trained.

If you are a trainer interested in being listed on our registry please complete our Trainer’s Registry Form.

Trainer’s Registry Form