About the National APS Resource Center (NAPSRC)

Welcome to the National Adult Protective Services Resource Center! Here you’ll find links to our most recent newsletters, research publications, and additions to the Training Archive.

The National Adult Protective Services Resource Center (NAPSRC), funded by a two-year grant from the US Administration for Community Living, serves professionals from Adult Protective Services agencies across the United States.

The APS Resource Center’s primary goal is to Enhance the quality, consistency, and effectiveness of elder abuse secondary prevention conducted by APS nationwide by identifying APS secondary prevention best practices, and compiling and disseminating the “lessons learned,” and providing targeted technical assistance in implementing best prevention practices to APS administrators through multiple methods.


  • Create the first national APS multi-disciplinary Technical Assistance Team to enhance the effectiveness of APS programs in investigating alleged abuse and providing secondary prevention.
  • Gather information about elder abuse investigation and secondary prevention best policies and practices through literature review and collecting “lessons learned.”
  • Provide targeted technical assistance on problems identified as commonly experienced by APS systems in investigating alleged maltreatment and providing secondary prevention.

Structure and Funding

The National APS Resource Center is a project (No. 90ER0003) of the Administration for Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), administered by the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA).  Project funding is slated from October 2013 through September 2015.

NAPSA is in the unique position, as the membership organization for Adult Protective Services professionals, to utilize its extensive network of front-line and administrative members to serve as the “Voice of APS” across the U.S. and bring resources where they are needed most.

Technical Assistance

The National APS Resource Center also provides technical assistance to state and local APS programs and NAPSA members. Technical assistance may range from assistance with identifying training or policy resources, linking programs with a specific resource expert, or providing targeted best practices.

Examples include:

  • Locating a professional speaker to address specific elder abuse topics
  • Development of safety training for APS workers
  • Research on APS data system usage and efficacy
  • Facilitating abuse victims and/or families in contacting their nearest APS agency to assist with their specific situation

Please contact us for your technical assistance needs.