NAPSA Listserv

The goal of the National Adult Protective Services listserv is to provide a forum for NAPSA members to provide peer support on practice and procedural issues related to Adult Protective Services (APS). It is also used as a tool for NAPSA staff to communicate with members.

Subscription to the listserv is restricted to NAPSA members. The listserv is private and only subscribers can receive, send, and/or retrieve messages. To join NAPSA, please visit our Membership Page.

The listserv is a moderated forum. Messages submitted to the listserv by a subscriber must be approved by a moderator.

Below are a few guidelines for posting to the listserv.

  • All new members will receive a welcome message with specifics on how to post to the list.
  • When asking for assistance and presenting specifics of a clinical situation, please do not use any names or identifiable information of individuals involved. Even with a person’s consent, it is not necessary to use names or identifiable information.
  • Attachments to messages are generally permitted, although certain file types that are known to harbor computer viruses are not allowed and will be removed by the system if attached. These disallowed attachment types include files with the following extensions: exe, bat, cmd, pif, scr, vbs, cpl.
  • The listserv is not intended to be a source of training; however, questions about available training resources are appropriate for posting to the list.
  • Please be clear and concise in messages, and limit messages to those which can reasonably be considered to add value to the discussion.
  • Please keep in mind that the list is a “closed” list to subscribers only. Be mindful that sensitive information may be contained in messages and that it may not be appropriate to forward messages that contain identifiable information to people not subscribed to the listserv.
  • In addition, please remember that subscribers do have the ability to forward messages to people beyond the listserv, so exercise caution when sharing any information deemed sensitive.
  • If someone has sent a private message to you, and not to the entire list, please do not post the private message to the list.
  • Discussions will sometimes result in disagreements. Rebuttals to another person’s opinions or beliefs should always be made in a rational, logical and mature manner, whether they are made publicly or privately.
  • Subscribers should refrain from abusive or derogatory language that might be considered questionable.
  • Messages containing unsolicited advertising (promotion of paid services) are contrary to appropriate use of the listserv and will be rejected.
  • All posted messages should include a signature that includes your name, agency and location.
  • Do not send administrative messages to the list such as “Please remove me.” Instead, contact NAPSA directly if you have questions or need assistance.

Please note – NAPSA reserves the right to reject any posting it deems inappropriate or to unsubscribe or temporarily suspend anyone from the listserv for violations of these guidelines.